Thursday, May 29, 2008


haloooo once again =)

my fellow readers....r u msianz????
proud to b msianz???
check out dis
erh...tunggu la...not msianz oso i dun k la...anyone from any corner of d universe pls check d website n help help yo =)

pls help to spread dis out by simply downloading d song o video or requesting dem to ur fav radio o tv station or even by participating in any broadcasted contests or activities related to dis project (i wud request d song n even participate in d activities if i'm in msia now). abothen u can help by posting or embed
ding d banners, song n video in websites, blogs n etc =) RMB!!! helping dem to spread d WORD is d best thing anyone can do for dem......tolong la abang kakak adik uncle aunty.......THX yo

free download


Anonymous said... download wei...n d song is so nice =)

Anonymous said...

good stuffs for freeeeeee =)

Anonymous said... free stuff of cos download la...some more its a nice song

Anonymous said...

aus radio station can dedicate boh???lolx